“I am appreciative to the complete NEXUS experience especially the pairing of my mentor. She has graciously taken me by the hand and guided me through personal and professional situations. Our relationship will go beyond the NEXUS year.” Whitney Clifton, NEXUS Protégé, Client Services Advisor, Metropolitan Bank

Whitney Clifton, Protégé, Class of 2017Content -

“I appreciate the ability to meet many different people with diverse backgrounds who all share a common goal of continuing to make Memphis the best city it can be. My protégé was such a great young man with a heart to learn and improve himself. The passion that he and the NEXUS program have for our city have been an inspiration to me and it fills me with excitement for the future.” Joe Williams, NEXUS Mentor, President, Agape North

Joe Williams, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2017Content -

My NEXUS experience has been priceless with one of if not the best NEXUS Mentor. The NEXUS Leadership team knows what it takes to build the next generation of leaders in Memphis. Through my relationship with my NEXUS mentor, in addition to our monthly speaker series, I have gained invaluable experience, blessed to receive awards and new job opportunities. NEXUS has truly been a blessing to my life and I will continue to be an advocate for the NEXUS Leadership Program to other young professionals

Alton Cryer, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2017Content -

The NEXUS experience has enriched my view of Memphis and I have gained a clearer vision of the opportunities in this great city.  After hearing one of the monthly speakers, I took inventory of the plans I have for my life and how they will affect a small piece of this awesome city. By far the most impactful part of this program is meeting and connecting with my protégé. Sharon Bailey, NEXUS Mentor, Manager, Application & Development, ServiceMaster

Sharon Bailey, NEXUS Mentor, Class of 2017Content -

“The connections I have made through NEXUS are truly invaluable to me as a young professional. Not only did the mentor relationship prove to be extremely beneficial both personally and professionally, but moving through the program with like-minded proteges has allowed me to build an incredible network that will be a great support to my career moving forward!” Jeremy Andrews, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018, Strategic Partnership Officer, BRIDGES

Jeremy Andrews, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018Content -

“My NEXUS experience has been very fulfilling. Through NEXUS I have been able to connect and learn from leaders in the community who have participated in the speaker series. I have also been able to learn about many organizations that are doing great work in the Memphis area and I look forward to doing my part in making a difference. In my mentor, I have gained a friend who has been able to share so much wisdom around faith, family, fatherhood, leadership, and navigating my career.

Keith Okello, NEXUS Protégé, Class of 2018Content -

Video Testimonials

NEXUS Protege/Mentor-Jill & Hayley
Mentor-Jill & Hayley
NEXUS protege Amy Strickland talks about her experience in the class of 2019.
Amy Strickland
Bethany McRae, NEXUS protege talks about her experience.
Bethany McRae
Sandy Willson
Sandy Willson


  • NEXUS + Streets Ministries

    Members of the NEXUS Class of 2023 recently volunteered at the Graham location of Streets Ministries. Each year, NEXUS selects non-profits to learn more about and volunteer with. Streets Ministries is impacting the youth in our city daily. Read More
  • March Session with Doug Carpenter

    Doug Carpenter, Principal & Executive Creative Director of Doug Carpenter Associates spoke at the March session to the NEXUS Class of 2023. Doug shared on the topic of “Asking the Right Questions”. Doug shared about the questions he has asked along his journey and said to not be intimidated to ask questions. He said, “Are you afraid of failure, if so, you aren’t going to make it – it’s how... Read More
  • Emily Callahan Shares at NEXUS

    ”Good communicators own their own brand and style.” -Emily Callahan It was an honor to have Emily Callahan, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer for ALSAC-St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital share at the December session on the topic of “Communicating as a Leader”. Emily is a dynamic leader who has a passion for St. Jude, our city, and creating a brand. The Class of 2023 benefited from Emily’s message about communicating... Read More
  • NEXUS Class of 2023

    The Class of 2023 began their NEXUS experience in August with Orientation. The successful event provided an opportunity for Mentors and Proteges to connect with fellow class participants, learn about individual strengths, and participate in training and team building exercises. The impact of the Mentor/Protégé relationship and the interactive, teaching lessons from key Memphis leaders paired with a proven curriculum continues to make NEXUS unique. The Orientation provided the foundation... Read More
  • NEXUS Class of 2023 Meet & Greet

    NEXUS Class of 2023 Mentors and Proteges had the opportunity to meet fellow class members and NEXUS Board of Directors prior to the class orientation. Special thanks to Perkins-Everitt Lighting & Controls for hosting. Read More

    Members of the NEXUS Network attended the annual NEXUS NIGHT OUT event this spring at the home of NEXUS Alumni Norma and Kem Wilson. The event offered the opportunity to connect and re-connect with fellow members of the NEXUS Network. Special thanks to the Wilsons for hosting the event. Read More
  • Sharing the Success of NEXUS IN MOTION

    Each year NEXUS invites NEXUS Alumni to return and share on timely topics at NEXUS IN MOTION. This year the NEXUS Class of 2022 hosted Sam Coates, Christina Cook, and Cindy Klatt who spoke on important topics which included Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone, New Normal Workplace, and Leadership at all Levels. The evening provided messages that impacted those in attendance and an opportunity for several alumni to attend... Read More
  • Indigo Ag’s Barry Knight Shared at NEXUS

    It was an honor to have Barry Knight, Senior Vice President of Indigo Ag speak to the NEXUS Class of 2022 at the March session. Barry spoke on the topic of “Focusing as a Leader” and shared what his mentors have taught him through the years. Read More
  • NEXUS Volunteers at the MidSouth Food Bank

    In October, members of the NEXUS Class of 2023 volunteered at the Mid-South Food Bank and had an opportunity to see first-hand the impact the Mid-South Food Bank is having on those in need in our community. Read More
  • Bill Seely Inspired at NEXUS

    Bill Seely, President and CEO of Varsity Spirit spoke to the NEXUS Class of 2022 at the November session on the topic of “Leading Through Change”. Bill shared his journey and the things he has learned along the way. He was intentional, humble, and honest with his message. Read More

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